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Katherine Lei, CPA, PLLC

Why Us

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Katherine Lei, CPA PLLC is proud to be an accounting and taxation firm that helps individual and business clients to make sound financial decisions. Each client’s financial case is unique and deserves our special attention. We are able and willing to accommodate the unique requests of clients. We work closely with our clients and are willing to go extra miles for them in order to deliver high quality results. We challenge ourselves to learn continually and have an active interest in the fields of accounting and taxation. Through annual professional development, clients are provided with up-to-date tax laws and regulations. We are also committed to perform essential tax, business, and individual services that are fully compliant with current financial regulations.

In addition, honesty, integrity, and transparency are our top priorities.We carefully listen to our clients’ requests and treat our clients with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. Client retention and satisfaction are imperative to us. We strive to develop and maintain positive client relations through time. We are confident that clients will find exactly what they are looking for in our firm. Should our clients have any financially related questions or concerns, we will address them promptly and effectively. We take pride in our transparent pricing system and provide our clients with an upfront quote for the scope of services requested. We ascertain that we meet or even exceed our clients' expectations. We Stand By Our Clients!